5 Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Used Car

At Surrey Hills Motor Company, we believe that a well-maintained car is key to a satisfying driving experience. This is especially true for used cars, where regular maintenance can significantly extend the life and improve the performance of your vehicle. Here are our top five tips for keeping your used car in top condition.

1. Regular Oil Changes: The Lifeline of Your Engine

Oil is essential for keeping your car’s engine running smoothly. It lubricates moving parts, reduces friction, and helps keep the engine cool. Over time, engine oil degrades and needs replacing. We recommend checking your car’s oil level regularly and following the manufacturer’s guidelines for oil changes, usually every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

2. Tire Maintenance: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Your car’s tires are critical for safety, fuel efficiency, and overall performance. Keep them properly inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended level to ensure optimal fuel efficiency and to reduce tire wear. Regularly check for tread wear and alignment issues, and rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

3. Brake Checks: Staying Safe on the Road

Brakes are a vital safety feature of any car. Look out for signs of wear, such as unusual noises, a spongy brake pedal, or the car pulling to one side when braking. Have your brakes inspected regularly, especially if you notice any of these symptoms.

4. Battery Care: Keeping the Power Running

Car batteries typically last between three to five years. Factors like climate, usage, and driving habits can affect a battery’s lifespan. Keep your battery terminals clean and check the battery periodically to ensure it’s charging correctly. If your car starts slowly or the lights dim, it’s time to have your battery checked.

5. Regular Servicing: The Key to Longevity

Regular servicing is crucial for maintaining the health of your used car. This not only keeps your car running efficiently but can also identify potential issues before they become major problems. Follow your car’s service schedule, and don’t hesitate to visit a mechanic if you notice anything unusual.

Conclusion: Your Partner in Car Maintenance

At Surrey Hills Motor Company, we’re not just about selling cars; we’re committed to helping you keep them in prime condition. Regular maintenance can save you money in the long run and ensure your car remains a reliable and enjoyable part of your life. Visit our blog for more tips and advice on car maintenance and ownership.

For more information on car maintenance and to view our selection of quality used cars, visit us at Surrey Hills Motor Company.

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